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Chairman’s Message

I never saw electric cables as mere conductors! To me, they are the arteries giving life to civilization in man’s modern time. By connecting different parts of earth through the electric current; machinery runs, the world lights up, and communities develop…

At Egypt Cables, we realise the role we play in this story and appreciate that our clients have delegated us to play it. Giving back; we adopt appropriate customer service and make sure our products always have true value for money.

By focusing on enhancing our production and utilizing the world’s latest technologies; we hope to be the guiding light for the Cable Production Industry in Egypt and the Arab World. The promise we give through this trademark, ECM, is to keep it a sign of commitment and excellence, based on what we have proudly achieved and what is yet to come.

Essmat El Sayad
Chairman & CEO

Head Office 48/50 Abdel Khalek Tharwat St., 3ed Floor, Downtwon, Cairo - Egypt Tel. : +202 2390 5020 | Fax. : +202 2390 5018 E-mail : elcablat (at)
Factory The Industrial Zone - Beni Sueif. Tel. & Fax : +2082 2285565 Bo. Box : 1 Beni Sueif