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8.7/15(17.5)  KV – Three Core Cable  with Copper or Aluminium Conductor


  1. Conductor: 
    Plain circular compacted copper or aluminium conductor, according to IEC   60228.  
  2. Conductor Screen:
    Extruded semi-conductive compound
  3.  Insulation:
    Extruded XLPE rated  cross-linked dry curing (triple cross head)
  4.  Insulation Screen: 
    Non-metallic part: Extruded semi-conductive compound.   Colour narrow tape for each core under metallic screen for identification.
  5. Metallic Screen:
    Copper tape and /or copper wires for each core to achieve screen area  to withstand short circuit current
  6.  Assembly:
    The three cores are assembled together with non hygroscopic polypropylene  yarns  as fillers to form compacted circular shape .
  7.  Outer Sheath:
    Black or red protective jacket  PVC or PE  corrosion and sunlight resistant. The  cables are designed and tested according to IEC specification  standard IEC  60228, 60502-2 and 6081
    Application:  Underground cables and the installation are on trays, in ducts, and direct burial.
    Laying conditions: Ground temperature 35 °C, Depth of laying 0.8m ,Ground thermal resestivity, 1.2 °C.m/w, Ambient temperature 40 °C.          

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