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8.7/15(17.5) KV – Single Core Cable  with Copper or Aluminium Conductor armoured with Aluminium wires.

  1.   Conductor: 
    Plain circular compacted copper or aluminium conductors, according to   IE 60228.
  2.  Conductor Screen:
    Extruded semi-conductive compound.
  3.   Insulation:
    Extruded XLPE cross-linked polyethelene dry curing (triple cross head)
  4.   Insulation Screen:
    Non-metallic screen: Extruded semi-conductive compound 
  5.   Metallic Screen:
    Copper tapes and /or copper wires to achieve screen area  to withstand short circuit current.
  6.  Inner covering  
    Extruded pvc as bedding under armour.
  7.  Armour
    Round aluuminium wires   armour   (AWA) applied helically over the PVC bedding.
  8. Outer Sheath:
    Black or red protective jacket  PVC or PE  corrosion and sunlight resistant.  The cables are designed and tested according to IEC specification standard  60228, 60502-2    and 60811. 
    :  Underground cables and the installation are on trays, in ducts, and direct burial.
    Laying conditions:
    Ground temperature 35 °C, Depth of laying 0.8m ,Ground thermal resestivity, 1.2 °C.m/w, Ambient temperature 40 °C.trefoil & flat  formation.   

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