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76/132(145) KV Single core cable with aluminium Conductor, XLPE insulated, copper or lead screen and HDPE sheath.

76/132(145)  KV Single core cable Aluminium Conductor, XLPE insulated and HDPE sheath.

  1. Description:
    Circular stranded compacted aluminium conductor super clean XLPE triple extrusion dry curing , copper or lead screen and polyethylene over sheath.
  2. Construction:
    - Conductor
    ● Circular stranded compacted aluminium conductor which meet all physical requirement of IEC 60228.class 2.
    ● The conductor have longitudinal semi conductive water blocking tape.
    ● Beg sizes of conductors are constructed from equal segments ( milliken).
  3.  Conductor shield :
    Extruded  semi-conductive thermosetting compound compatible with the insulation.
  4.  Insulation :
    Extruded, super clean, highly homogeneous cross linked polyethylene insulation.
    Non-metallic shield

    ●    Insulation shield: Extruded semi conductive thermosetting compound compatible with the insulation.
    ●  Semi conductive swelling tape over the insulation shield to assure longitudinal water tightness .
  5. Metallic shield :
    Metallic screen copper or lead screen as per customer order .
    ●  Copper wires and / or copper tapes with suitable sizes to withstand short circuit fault current.
    ● A moisture impervious continuous lead or lead alloy sheath with suitable thickness.
    Water sealing

      Water blocking swelling tape may be applied helically over the metallic screen if required and also metal aluminium foil with  laminated polyethylene is applied longitudinal for radial water sealing in case copper screen if required .
  6.  over sheath :
    Extruded sheath , thermoplastic , halogen free- may be  LLDPE , MDPE ,HDPE suitable for ozone ,heat, durable, and moisture resistant also protected against sunlight .semi conductive layer extruded or graphite coating over the sheath  .

    The sheath capable of withstanding 25kV  DC for one min when tested.

All tests will be carried out acc to IEC 60228 ,  60502-2 , 60229, 60840, 60811.

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